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Protecting Your Interests In Real Estate Matters

Real estate prices have of course been up and down in recent years. In fact, they have generally been more down than up.

But a successful real estate deal involves much more than being aware of what the market is doing. At Hobson Rasnick Fox & Kolligian, LLC, we can help you protect your interests in a full range of real estate transactions.

We encourage you to give us a call today at 330-253-2227 to discuss your particular situation. Based in Akron, we serve clients throughout northeast Ohio.

What Issues Are You Facing?

Our real estate practice is a comprehensive one. It encompasses both transactional work and litigation.

  • Real estate transactions — If you are involved in a real estate transaction, our attorneys can provide the sound counsel needed to help you keep your deal on track. For example, mechanic’s liens, tax liens, or title issues can quickly throw a proposed deal off track. We can watch out for such issues and seek to resolve them before they hinder your transaction.
  • Real estate litigationReal estate disputes can take many forms. The issue could be zoning restrictions. It could be the terms of a commercial lease. Or it could be something else. No matter what the precise issue is, whether commercial or residential, our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to assert your rights effectively and seek a positive resolution.

Taking Action

To arrange a confidential consultation, give us a call or complete our online form. We will listen closely to the details of your unique circumstances and advise you accordingly.